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We are members of ARLA Propertymark which means we meet higher industry standards than the law demands.

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Aspire To Move are focused on creating a unique customer experience for our clients by offering a service with a difference. We take great pride in ensuring all our people are fully qualified and up to date with the latest legislation, so they are able to offer clients the best advice. As our service is tailored to suit your needs, if you need to communicate with us via WhatsApp, Skype or other means we are able to work with you to make all your property transactions as smooth as possible. We believe that the solution to stress free property transactions is excellent communication.

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Catherine & Will

Business Managers

Will Maslin


Business Manager
Will is passionate about property having been brought into the industry by his parents who also own a Sales and Letting business. Being local to Bath he prides himself on knowing the area and market. In his spare time he often enjoys supporting his favourite team Bath Rugby. Keeping fit is high on his priority list, he loves most exercise and sports and is often running, cycling or walking his dog Nelly around Bath.

Caroline Baxter


Business Manager
Caroline has been in the property industry for nearly 20 years with experience of both selling, buying, renting and being a landlord herself. She has a proven track record in the property industry and most recently her previous branch won 4 ESTA awards for exceptional customer service. Caroline is most likely to be found walking her beloved dogs Mishka and Willow discovering new walks with the whole family. She loves to be busy and enjoys being outdoors walking, cycling and surfing.

James Butter


Office Manager
James has over 9 years’ experience in the Lettings Industry having worked in 3 major cities including London, Bristol & Bath. James has always been in the service industry and prides himself on his customer service. On the weekend James can be found out on his motorbike or supporting Bristol Bears rugby team. James enjoys holidays and can occasionally be found sailing the around the Greek islands.

Rachel Catlin


Senior Property Consultant
Rachel joins Aspire with over 4 years experience in the industry working in a variety of areas surrounding Bath/Bristol. She is passionate about customer service, and describes herself as dependable & approachable. She enjoys spending time with her family and her boxer dog Boo. One of her favourite places is the lake district where she enjoys many wonderful walks and a pint of wine.
Lorna headshot

Lorna Mead


Property Consultant
Lorna joins Aspire having worked in the Letting industry for over 16 years. She prides herself on providing service excellence. She enjoys spending time with her family especially her new granddaughter. She regularly runs and has been known to take part in the local Santa Dash! If you are a regular at Glastonbury Festival, you may see her working in your campsite as a volunteer steward! Lorna loves a holiday, there is nothing better to Lorna than relaxing in the sun with a cocktail in hand.

Emerald Rymer

About Emerald

Property Consultant
Emerald is joining Aspire with a background in Psychology, using it to perfect her customer service. Having gone to university in Bath, she has a good knowledge of the city and surrounding areas. Emerald prides herself on putting customers at the heart of her work. Outside of work she can be found playing tennis, horse riding and camping in her roof tent. She enjoys skiing (with a Vin Chaud) in Switzerland during Winter and coastal walks (with a glass of wine) in Cornwall in the Summer.

Nelly & Willow

About Nelly & Willow

The Real Bosses of Aspire To Move
Nelly & Willow are passionate about walking, sleeping, fetching sticks, cuddling and walking. We also love posing in the shop window, so if you see us come and say hello.