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Bath is not only the hometown of our humble Aspire To Move office HQ, but is also a city absolutely rich with history, packed with delightful dining spots and enchanting sights.

Aptly named after the Roman Baths thermae, this cultural hotspot has been tempting tourists from all corners of the world for centuries. Whether to have a taste of the different culinary delicacies or to do some light-shopping at one of the many high-end shops up and down the high streets, the city of Bath has plenty of things to keep anyone visiting or even relocating busy for a lifetime.

Whether you’re just looking for some stops to add to your itinerary or seeking some insight into if this world heritage site is worth moving to, our guide covers what you need.

Where is Bath located?

Bath, Somerset is based in the South West of England, and situated in the valley of the River Avon. This beautiful and busting city is conveniently located within travel distance of many other top locations such as London (119 miles east), Bristol (12 miles west), Salisbury (40 miles south) and Birmingham (110 miles north).

Is Bath a good place to live?

Due to the wealth of amenities, general accessibility and plentiful job opportunities, residents of Bath (referred to as Bathonians) speak highly of the quality of life. It was even named as one of the best cities to live and do business in.

The history of Bath is a highly valued selling-point for tourists and residents alike. With some colossal historical milestones the likes of:

  • The location of the official baths built by the Romans in 60AD
  • Founding the Bath Abbey in the 7th century
  • Home to Jane Austen between 1801 and 1806

Whilst it may appear that Bath is more of a tourist attraction rather than a home option, Bath offers an abundance of more than suitable properties that stray a little further afield from the city centre but still within reach of all the amenities you need.

Plus, if all the hustle and bustle of city life isn’t quite for you, Bath is the perfect option as it provides escapism with the choice of venturing further central if you desire. The residential areas outskirting the city centre all provide some beautiful scenic views and even the street areas trailing through Bath accommodate their own forms of wonderful scenery.

Bath truly is a perfect location filled with hidden gems and provides a comforting feel of home whilst also giving a glimpse into city living. It’s a brilliant combination of charming, independent, adventurous and elegant.

Housing types and prices

Bath is brimming with luxurious houses that retain the antique feel of the rest of the city and its historical buildings. The properties of Bath suit a whole host of different people, from professional individuals, to families, to retirees.

With most properties built in a Georgian and Victorian style but made to feel more modern,  you can imagine that property in Bath is in high demand and valued highly.

Whilst the cost of living in Bath is on the more expensive side for the South West, it’s still more affordable compared to that of locations such as London. But for all that Bath has to offer, condensed into a space smaller than that of London, it’s not all too surprising that the market is only the slightly more costly side. This being said, both the housing and quality of life in Bath makes the costs worth it.

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Looking to buy

The average housing prices for properties in Bath comprise of the following figures:

Apartments: £381,179

Terraced houses: £586,376

Semi-detached houses: £576,448

Source: Rightmove

Looking to rent

The average costs of renting out a property in Bath will vary depending on the size of the property and the number of rooms each one houses. A 1 bedroom property will average around £1,168 per month and 2 bedrooms looking at roughly £1,661 per month.


(Figures averaged at time of publishing, therefore subject to change)

Areas of Bath

Combe Down

A village just on the outskirts of Bath, Combe Down is known as the most charming area of Bath. Sporting a view of the countryside and a superb community of pubs, delis, and shops, Combe Down is a peaceful retreat that combines the historic feel of Bath with a sprinkling of modernization.

Locale from City Centre: South


Lansdown is a suburb within Bath that is perhaps most known for the ‘Bath Crescent’ or Lansdown Crescent as it’s officially known, a series of Georgian-style terraces shaped in a curve. This area of Bath really sings the tunes of its heritage whilst still firmly planting itself amongst the urban feel of the city.

Locale from City Centre: North


A peaceful district covering the more ‘independent’ aspect of Bath, due to the quirky shops presented there. This area doesn’t stray far from the Georgian style of the rest of the city but has developed its own young and modern vibe. Surrounded by forests and wildlife, Larkhall is also a brilliant spot for nature lovers. An area popular with families and young professional couples.

Locale from City Centre: North-East

Oldfield Park

A popular area with students and young families nestled near the River Avon. Oldfield Park is a brilliantly versatile community with properties to suit most. And this area has its own dedicated railway station, so commuters can easily come and go as needed.

Locale from City Centre: South


Widcombe is a high-demand district that provides quick access to Bath Spa railway station. Another area that has high versatility and close-by amenities. Still in keeping with the heritage of the city, Widcombe properties still parade their Georgian characteristics. Popular for commuters.

Locale from City Centre: South-East


A village combining traditional and contemporary buildings, Bathampton is located just on the outskirts of Bath. This civil parish area hosts properties suitable for all and sits just next to the Kennet & Avon Canal.

Locale from City Centre: East

Southdown/Odd Down

Described as a spirited and proud community, Southdown is an area close to the centre of Bath that still holds its own independent path from the city. The location is a brilliant spot for families, sporting a safe community, with local amenities such as parks and high-street shops.

Locale from City Centre: South-West


Twerton is a lovely little hidden gem in Bath that is home to the city’s football club. Twerton has also been graced with some of Bath’s best spots to enjoy fish and chips and baked goods. A popular area for local families and students.

Locale from City Centre: West


A relaxing suburb that offers a little more tranquillity and open spaces for clear thinking perhaps compared to its sibling suburbs. Weston homes plenty of little spots that almost create the feel of living inside a fairytale.

Locale from City Centre: North-West


A beautiful self-sustained village just on the edge of Bath, Batheaston is a brilliant location for single professionals, couples, retirees, and families alike. Batheaston also provides a little more breath of country living whilst still providing residents with easy access to the city centre.

Locale from City Centre: North-East

Bear Flat

Bear Flat is an energetic and welcoming community that portrays the more modern side of Bath. With plenty of independent shops, Bear Flat radiates a quirky and warm atmosphere that’s inviting to visitors, enough to make them permanent residents.

Locale from City Centre: South


When walking through the streets of Bath, you’ll discover something interesting at every turn, from quant coffee shops to independent crafts stores. There’s everything you could ever need to live a comfortable, longstanding, and fulfilling life in Bath.

Schools, colleges, and universities

The education institutes of Bath are known for being the cream of the crop and upholding a respectable reputation. The following is a collection of the best-rated primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities:


  • Weston All Saints CofE Primary School
  • Bathwick St Mary Church School
  • Widcombe CofE Junior School
  • Bathampton Primary School


  • Hayesfield Girls School
  • Norton Hill Academy
  • Beechen Cliff School

Colleges and Universities:

  • University of Bath
  • Bath Spa University
  • Bath College


Hosting a variety of different transport options, Bath helps people get from point A to point B effortlessly.

Bath Spa train station has a plethora of different operating services that can take any keen traveller or business person to and fro their destination directly, such as London, Bristol, Cardiff, and more.

Bath bus station services operate all in and around the city of Bath with buses running regularly after one another. Whether it’s needed for a trip to Bath RUH or a leisurely trip to the outskirts of the city, the bus transport of Bath can get you anywhere.

Bath is placed in a convenient and accessible location along the M4/M5 making it easy to drive in, around, and through to get to other spots around the area.

Food & Drink

It would be near impossible to list all the different spots where locals and visitors alike can grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail considering Bath is teeming with so many different types of pubs, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and bars. The list would go on and on.

Instead, here are a few of our favourite top picks of places to enjoy an evening meal or a pint.

Olive Tree Restaurant

  • British with Mediterranean influence
  • Fine-dining
  • Michelin Star

Sotto Sotto

  • Italian
  • High quality
  • Atmospheric


  • Tapas
  • French
  • Excellent wine selection

Beckford Bottle Shop

  • Outdoor seating
  • Small plates
  • Cosy wine bar

Assembly Inn

  • ‘Proper Pub’
  • Live sports
  • Great atmosphere

Cafe Lucca

  • Buzzy cafe
  • Light lunch and salads
  • Good coffee

Taylors Bagels

  • Great coffee
  • Fantastic selection of fresh bagels
  • Independent


Bath is generous with different activities, sights, and general attractions, all conveniently within easy walking and bus travel distance from the city centre.

Independent Shops

Whilst Bath has all the usual shopping franchises you can expect to see in most cities, the best part of this quaint little city is the independent shops you can discover all around. The treasures these shops hold are wonderfully quirky, fascinating, and absolutely delicious.

We’ve picked just a few of our absolute favourites:

If you’re looking to relocate to an area that’s a blissful blend of both contemporary and historic, Bath is the best area in the South West, and dare we say in England.

With Aspire To Move, we can help you to find the perfect new home no matter the type of property you’re searching for.

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